Our Mission

 To promote mental wellness and positive mindsets for youth through connection to nature, self-care, experiential learning, and mentorship.

Our Vision

A new standard for future generations to thrive in harmony with Nature through wellness, education, entrepreneurship, the arts and human connectedness.

Upon arrival, devices are checked in for a 5-hour screen-free field trip addressing socio-emotional and academic deficits affecting all students. 

They get to explore and create outdoors or in.  

All guests are welcome to art supplies, farming tools, digital cameras, binoculars, books, yoga mats, instruments.  And yes, there is mindful use of technology for STEM proficiency. Experiential learning in every moment.  

They get to relax and breathe with several options of holistic healing modalities.    

“Technology is causing a set of seemingly disconnected things – shortening of attention spans, polarization, outrage-ification of culture, mass narcissism, election engineering, addiction to technology.”

Tristan Harris, Director, The Social Dilemma, Co-Founder, Center for Humane Technology 
Main Campus Fallbrook

Therapeutic Offerings Include:

Music, Art, Yoga, Breathwork, Sound Therapies, Spa Treatments, Cooking, Meditation, Gardening, Hiking, Dance, Animal Therapy, Philanthropy, Crafts

STEAM Related Offerings:

Photography, Videography, Podcast Production, Drone Navigation, Farming, Husbandry, Visual Art, Performance Art, Robotics, AI Bee Sanctuary, Butterfly garden, Horticulture, Financial Literacy, Design, Architecture, Construction, Engineering, Ornithology and Farm to Table Healthy Living and Nutrition

Community Center Indoor Options:

Painting, Crafts, Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, Board Games, Reading, Cooking, Music, Dance, Creative Writing, Photography, Etiquette, Career Coaching and a variety of crafts led by elders and mentors.

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Pause Together is a fiscally sponsored project of OneOC, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization EIN #95-2021700